“Desires set our compass, real life steers our course”. The made in India – Jeep compass is unmistakably Jeep, with styling cues from the Grand Cherokee. It made a stunning entry into the Indian market with a launch price starting at Rs 14.95L.

The little Jeep is undeniably a looker and doubtlessly American. The Compass is 4395 mm long, 1818 mm wide and 1640 mm tall. Despite its smaller footprint, it has oodles of presence. Thanks to the substantial shoulder lines and the gargantuan wheel arches, the Compass is mighty muscular. It absolutely ticks the right boxes when it comes to the design and looks the part of a proper SUV regardless of its “smaller than the competition” dimensions. The front is graced with Jeep’s iconic Seven Slat Grille with chrome surrounds.

Unlike the earlier offerings from the American company, the Compass is manufactured locally, and hence the competitive pricing. That aggressive pricing puts it in direct competition with vehicles across segments. Let’s get real here. Most of the folks buying the Compass probably would never take it off-road. But ironically, its the sheer off-road legacy of the brand that will make it stand out from the competition. Behind the wheels, the Jeep Compass feels like a much-needed breath of fresh air in the Indian car market. The interior may not be the prettiest, but is definitely functional and has a lot of nifty touches. The spec’d out “Limited variant” is certainly exciting with a 4X4 drive system and Jeep’s Terrain response (Selec-Terrain Traction Management) system. All these make the Compass worthy of the Jeep branding.

Yeah! This is a super short article. But we’ve got an incredibly detailed review of the Compass and some other awesome content coming soon. Stay tuned for the Full review.